Parts of the house in Spanish: review them in a practical way

Today, I show you a Spanish video where I talk about the house. I was on vacation in Spain and I thought it was a good idea to show you the place and help you review Spanish words in context. As you probably know, it’s the best way to learn vocabulary! I’ll show you the…

Viper and toad liqueur! Learn more about this French reference

Originally posted on La cuisine de Katy:
Je vous parle aujourd’hui d’une référence culturelle bien française. Quelle horreur, me direz-vous! Et vous n’avez pas tort! Mais rassurez-vous, on n’en consomme pas. Mais après tout, nous les Français on est bien connus dans le monde entier pour manger des escargots et des grenouilles, alors pourquoi pas…

Discover France and French culture with Katy

What if you could visit France and meet its people with a native? In this section I want to show you France far away from any cliché. Meet interesting people, understand authentic everyday language (slang, idiomatic expressions), discover nice places, French culture and diversity and have fun with me! All my videos have French subtitles….

Why learn Spanish

I recently wrote an article about the reasons why you should learn Spanish on Steve Kaufmann’s blog, the creator of Lingq. Lingq is a great App and Steve always shares interesting advice and experiences about language learning on his channel.  I’m French and grew up in a very small village in the French countryside. At…

YouTube multilingual presentation

In my Channel I’ll help you learn French and Spanish, I’ll talk about languages and learning, I’ll show you France, Spain and many things I like! You’ll learn everyday vocabulary in context, useful expressions, fun phrases, cultural references… All my videos have subtitles. Improve your French and Spanish with me! Book on-line one-on-one lessons