Let’s talk about breakfast in French: useful vocabulary and fun phrases

Is breakfast important in your country? In France it certainly is! We call it “le petit déjeuner” but in everyday informal French we say “le p’tit dej”.

So what would be a tipically French breakfast?

Des tartines : to make a tartine you just need to take a slice of bread, usually baguette and to spread butter, jam or chocolate on it. We sometimes spread only one of them but we often eat tartines with butter and jam on the same slice. Miam! We love dunking our tartine in hot coffee or chocolate. Adults usually take du café noir, it means hot coffee without anything else, kids prefer du chocolat au lait: hot chocolate with milk. Le café au lait is also very common.

Of course you know the famous croissants but we don’t eat them that often, only on special occasions, for example when we have guests, or on Sundays. Although croissants are very famous, we can buy many other types of viennoiserie in a bakery. Do you know some of them?


You’ll find additionnal information in the article on La cuisine de Katy and of course you can listen to the audio! In the video, you’ll learn usefull vocabulary in context. I’ll also use idiomatic phrases. Will you be able to guess what they mean? Answer in a comment 😉

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La p'tit dej