Parts of the house in Spanish: review them in a practical way

Today, I show you a Spanish video where I talk about the house. I was on vacation in Spain and I thought it was a good idea to show you the place and help you review Spanish words in context. As you probably know, it’s the best way to learn vocabulary! I’ll show you the “chalet” in which we were spanding some days.  Let’s review the bedroom, the living-romm, the kitchen, the toilet and the bathroom.

I’ve also written an article to complete the video, in which I explain some curiosities, like the use of the word “chalet” in Spanish, and the peculiarities we can find in almost every Spanish house. Spanish people have invited some very useful and inventive things to make everyday life easier: “mueble escurridor”, “brasero”, “mesa camilla”, “fregona y cubo escurridor”, “recogedor de palo”… If you don’t know those things you really need to read my article!

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To watch the video, read & listen to the article, let’s see each other in my Spanish blog!

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Las partes de la casa.png