Learn French & Italian for Free on Instagram

Social media are really changing the way we learn languages. It’s so easy to follow interesting people who speak the language we learn.

The first key for an efficient acquisition of a language is to use content we enjoy.

If we’re truly interested in something, we will retain the information much better and without even noticing it. Pleasure is essential because when we enjoy something our brain produces hormones and neurotransmitters which have a very important role in the memorization process and also attention and motivation.

I’ve been trying to improve my Italian skills for a long time but it’s hard to find time. Discovering Instagram has been really mindblowing. I started to use it a couple of months ago. I follow Italian teachers who share content about everyday life and Italian language. The video stories are very effective. Everyday, I listen to at least one or two video stories in Italian. It’s very interesting because people I’m following, such as Martina from Italian Bites, don’t use Instagram to “teach” Italian in a formal way. They share posts and videos stories about their eveyday life in Italian. And that is so interesting for me. Everyday, I can train my comprehension and pronunciation and I can learn new words and expressions in context that are really relevant. That’s much more effective than following accounts with vocabulary lists, grammar rules, idioms, without any context. That doesn’t help you develop your communicative skills, honestly. That can help you acquire more knowledge about the language, or clear up some doubts you have. But that doesn’t help you put it into practice.

Follow Martina on Instagram to learn Italian

Learning in context is really the best way to acquire a language and to be able to actually use it.

Another point which is important is to follow people who can give you comprehensible input. That doesn’t imply you shouldn’t follow native speakers who are sharing content for other native speakers and not for language learners. Of course you should also follow natives you like. But as long as you still don’t have a very high proficiency level in the target language you should also follow native teachers who share content with language learners, because they will help you progress more effectively. If they have a good preparation in second language acquisition and a strong experience in learning languages themselves, they will know exactly what to do to help you understand native speach and culture better without standardizing it. It will be the perfect step for you to get to truly understand conversations between natives.

Using the Instagram app can offer you 5 ingredients that are essential in language acquisition:

  • Interesting content : follow people who share content you like even if you don’t understand everything.
  • Getting involved emotionally : pay attention not only to the content itself but also to the personality of the person you’re following. It should be someone you like, some one you could want to share time with. Following that person in her daily life gives you the sensation you know her, like if she were a friend and to create a virtual connexion that is very positive for language learning.
  • Consistancy: it’s easy to find 5-10 minutes a day to watch your favorite Instagram stories. Do it as a habit, when you’re having breakfast every morning, while you take your coffee after lunch, during your break from work or after having dinner… As you’re watching something you enjoy, you’ll be looking forward to doing it and you’ll even be waiting with eagerness for the next post or story. If people you’re following piblish on a daily basis, it will be a good reminder for you whenn you see a new story or post: time to practice !
  • Comprehensible input and context: if you’re following professional teachers who know from their experience and backgroud how we acquire a language, they will help you reach your fluency goal much easier because they know how to adapt and what you need. And by the way they will also be able to answer your questions and clear up your doubts.

Learn French in context, with interesting content, on Instagram

If you want to inprove your French skills in the same way I’m improving my Italian which is so interesting and effective, I myself share daily content to help you practice and learn through posts and video stories. It will defenitely be the main social media I’ll be using in 2020 to help French learners. So if you enjoy what I do, read the posts, watch the videos and stories.

It will only take you a few minutes a day. It’s easy to integrate to your daily routine.

You’ll be able to practice listening and reading skills, learn everyday vocabulary, grammar, idioms in context, discover everyday life in France. And of course I’ll answer your comments and your questions. Don’t wait, join my French practice profile and start following The French Instinct on Instagram http://instagram.com/thefrenchinstinct/