About me

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I’m Katy Beauvais, native French, Spanish by adoption, artist, music and nature lover and every day more multilingual.

I was born monolingual and I made myself bilingual. Nothing in my background predestined me for languages: my parents are French (I have no foreigner ancestors), I grew up in a small rural village. I started English at 10 and Spanish at 12, at school.

And yet, as you can see in my videos, I’m bilingual in Spanish, I’m fluent in English and Potuguese. I have an intermediate level in Italian, a language I started to learn one year ago. I’m also learning Japanese, German and Arabic.

My passion for languages led me to prepare a Master’s Degree in Languages teaching and in French as a foreign language teaching and another one in Spanish. I started to help people who were learning French and Spanish more than 10 years ago as a teacher. I’ve been working with adults and kids.

I like learning, and not only languages. I started to question conventional teaching methods a long time ago and that made me decide to unschool my kids. For us, learning is something personnal and voluntary. Each one of us has his own way of learning and develops his own trategies.

In this blog I would like to make good use of my experience teaching and learning languages and also guiding two bilingual kids, to share with you thoughts, research, fun facts, anecdotes and questions about learning in general and languages learning in particular in order to offer you my personal vision about what happens when we are in contact with other languages and cultures. We all have the capacity of learning whatever we want, no matter our age, even languages.

You’ll also find resources to learn French and Spanish. Check my French site and also the Spanish one! And of course watch my YouTube Channel!