I wish you a happy new year in 5 languages

You can activate subtitles in English, French, Spanish and read the multilingual transcription bellow. Transcription multilingue Hi everydody! In this video I will wish you a happy new year in 5 languages. Feliz ano a todos, para começar. Bonne année à tous Buon anno a tutti Happy new year Feliz año nuevo   Français: Je…

Discover France and French culture with Katy

What if you could visit France and meet its people with a native? In this section I want to show you France far away from any cliché. Meet interesting people, understand authentic everyday language (slang, idiomatic expressions), discover nice places, French culture and diversity and have fun with me! All my videos have French subtitles….

YouTube multilingual presentation

In my Channel I’ll help you learn French and Spanish, I’ll talk about languages and learning, I’ll show you France, Spain and many things I like! You’ll learn everyday vocabulary in context, useful expressions, fun phrases, cultural references… All my videos have subtitles. Improve your French and Spanish with me! Book on-line one-on-one lessons

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