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One-on-one lessons


If you need to practice and improve your skills or to learn more about French or Spanish language and culture.

Or if you want to meet me, talk about your personnal goal, your background in languages, language learning, bilingualism in kids and adults…

I use Skype.

You’ll be able to access my calender, book and pay on-line. Check all prices bellow.

Packages and 50 mn sessions will only be available for my long term students.

1- Choose what you want:


♦ General appointment



You want to meet me, ask me something, talk about languages, learning, teaching, bilingualism? Schedule an appointment and we’ll talk about what you want. This is not a lesson nor a coaching session. We’ll have an informal conversation where we can share points of view, experience, advice. You’ll be able to select the language you want to use during our appointment. It has to be a language we’re both fluent in! It can either be English, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian.

♦ French / Spanish lessons



A0-A1 students. I usually prefer to work with students who already know basic French / Spanish to be able handle at least a very simple conversation. If you’re not sure wether you’re able to do it or not schedule a general appointment first. I only work with highly motivated beginners.

Schooling support for teenagers. Obbligation and learning process don’t match! If your kid loves French / Spanish and wants to learn more and to practice, then I’ll be happy to help him/her! But my vision of learning is totally different from what school usually expects. If he doesn’t like it and you just want him to get better grade or to pass an exam but it’s not his decision, then I prefer not to take part of it.

I don’t give lessons to kids. I’e already worked with kids on-line but I don’t think virtual interaction can respond to their needs.




The lessons are based on authentic communication and practice and of course I can answer all your questions. Learn authentic language from day 1 and keep on improving to become bilingual or to


Δ A2 Let’s communicate lessons

For basic users

I will bring topics and material we’ll use. We’ll focus on everyday life, we’ll talk about you and interesting topics about culture. These lessons are not grammar centered. They will be led by me. They are ideal if you need some help to know how and what you can learn. Of course I can answer all your questions and I’m always open to your suggestions. The goal is to help you communicate: I’ll help you speak clearly enough to be understood and to understand a normal conversation.


Δ B1-C2 To proficiency… and beyond

For independant or proficient users

We’ll work on topics related to language, culture, news. With these lessons I’ll guide you to reach fluency and to always keep on learning and improving. We’ll practice thanks to different types of authentic documents according to your goal such as articles, movies, adds, etc.

What is your goal?

  • TOPICS: I usuallly work on a great variety of topics durong our course, but we can also focus on specific subjects and specialize in language and culture related to one area if you prefer, such as :
    • Professionnal French: CV, job interview, meetings,  speaking and writing, appointments, etc.
    • cooking, gastronomy & food
    • arts, literature, local and national heritage
    • ecology, nature & sustainable development
    • parenting, motherhood, childhood, homeschooling
    • learning, cognitive sciences, teaching
    • health, weell being, relaxation
    • traveling, world languages and cultures, multilingualism
    • humour and idioms: wordplay, cultural references, idiomatic phrases…
  • SKILLS: these lessons are based on communication but we can also work more precisely on verbal ability, writing, listening or reading comprehension
  • LANGUAGE: we can work on formal language or on everyday informal language and slang.
  • PRONUNCIATION: I’ll help you improve your accent and reach a native like accent if t’s what you want.
  • GRAMMAR: we work on grammar in context using differnet types of documents.
    • you’ll assimilate new elements in a practical way, using them.
    • I can answer all your questions
    • I can give you extra material to use outside the lessons but it’s optional.


You can take them when buying your package (ask me) or when buying a lesson if you buy them one by one.

◊ Audio feedback: I’ll make an audio report, where I’ll record myself with the main things you can improve.

◊ Last minute rescheduling: according to my rescheduling policy, you can reschedule once per session, but you need to do it at least 24 hours before the lesson starts.  Choose this option to be able to reschedule even if something comes up just before the lesson. You still need to tell me you won’t attend the lesson. If you don’t, you won’t be able to reschedule.

◊ 15 days package extension: packages have an expiration date. You can take this option at any moment before the expiration date.

2019 Prices:

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If we’ve already worked together, if we know each other in person or if one of my students recommends you I can offer you a discount 


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