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Offers on conversation packages

Conversation & tutoring sessions packages for a very interesting price.

A very good way to improve your language skills. If you want to improve your speaking skills, to work on something you’ve prepared or to ask any question you have, you can choose one of these monthly offers.

No special offers curently available for new students

If we’ve already worked together, please contact me 🙂


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Prices 2020

Lessons, conversations and tutoring in French or Spanish A2-C2 & general appointment:

◊ 30 minutes: ♦ 1 session 20€ ♦ 10 sessions package 180€

◊ 60 minutes: ♦ 1 session 35€ ♦ 10 sessions packages 299€

◊ Important

To attend the sessions you need an internet connexion and a webcam. Don’t worry, we’ll first meet on Skype in order to check if your connexion is ok. It will also be the opportunity to meet personnaly and to ask me any question you have about the sessions, courses, my teaching style, etc.

— You’ll have to buy your first sessions seperatly (except if you buy a special offer conversation package). Once we are sure we want to work together in the long term you’ll be able to buy 10 sessions packages.

— You can reschedule each lesson once (except special offers packages) and you must do it at least 24h in advance.

— 10 LESSONS packages have 3 months availability (except special offers).

— A0-A1 students. I usually prefer to work with students who already know basic French / Spanish to be able handle at least a very simple conversation. Independance is key to learn a language and for me it shows that you won’t rely on me for everything, which is the key to success. I only work with highly motivated beginners with successful experience with other languages. 

— Schooling support for teenagers. Obbligation and learning process don’t match! If your kid loves French / Spanish and wants to learn more and to practice, then I’ll be happy to help him/her! But my vision of learning is totally different from what school usually expects. If he doesn’t like it and you just want him to get better grades or to pass an exam but it’s not his decision I’m sorry to say I’ll have to decline your request.

— I don’t give lessons to kids. I’ve already worked with kids on-line but I don’t think virtual interaction is the best way to respond to their needs. I can make an exception if your kid and you already speak the language and if at least one adult gets involved in the sessions to interact with him / her.



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