Prices and conditions

One-on-one 3 months A2-C2 French courses


One-on-one conversation, tutoring and general appointment

◊ 30 minutes session : 45 euros
◊ 45 minutes session: 59 euros

◊ Conditions

To attend the sessions you need an internet connexion and a webcam. Don’t worry, we’ll first meet on Skype or Zoom in order to check if your connexion is ok. It will also be the opportunity to meet personnaly.

— You can reschedule each session once and you must do it at least 24h in advance.

— A0-A1 students. I usually prefer to work with students who already know basic French to be able handle at least a very simple conversation. Independance is key to learn a language and for me it shows that you won’t rely on me for everything, which is the key to success.

— I don’t offer schooling support: Obbligation and learning process don’t match! My vision of learning is totally different from what school usually expects.

— I don’t give lessons for kids.