Prices and conditions

One-on-one 3 months A2-C2 French courses

Sessions on Skype or Zoom


The French Instinct B1-C2 Conversation Group

Video discussion group to practice speaking and improve you French with me, using your cell phone, tablet or laptop.

Starting in 2021

The French Instinct A0-B2 Online Courses

General and specialized courses with video and audio lessons to help you learn and progress at your own pace.

Starting in 2021

One-on-one conversation, tutoring and general appointment

◊ 30 minutes session : 25 euros
◊ 45 minutes session: 35 euros

Remember you pay the experience and the expertise: I’ve been teaching French as a foreign language for 15 years; I’ve taught French and Spanish for Institutions and private companies; I hold two Master’s Degree: one in French as a foreign language and the second one in Spanish; I’m an entrepreneur; I speak 4 languages; I create a lot of unique and original free resources.

You’ll soon be able to follow my courses or join my groups at a lower price 🙂

◊ Conditions

— I don’t offer schooling support: Obbligation and learning process don’t match! My vision of learning is totally different from what school usually expects.

— I don’t give lessons for kids.