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In this section, I’ll share with you my lessons and free resources from beginner to advanced level. I’ll help you learn authentic French, the way it is actually used by natives, French language in all its beauty, diversity, from slang to formal language. You’ll find videos, audio lessons, podcasts, articles, interviews, video and photo reportage… Discover French Language, Humor, Slang, Grammar but also France, French culture, habits, people.

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Resources available:

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A1-A2 A la française

Audio lessons. Beginners

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A2-B1 Tu donnes ta langue au chat?

Vocabulary, guessing games, idioms. False beginner / Lower intermediateLangue au chat

A2-B1 Français pratique 

Learn everyday French: discover vocabulary, Grammar, fun expressions in a practical and fun way and always in context. False beginner / intermediate

Français Pratique

B1-C2 L’actu avec Katy

Intermediate / Advanced

  • Understand French news and humor reading my articles and listening to the audio. Learn slang and expressions in context.


B1-C2 Découvre la France

Interviews, documentaries, reports, articles, to show you France, its culture, traditions, people. Intermediate / Advanced

Découvre la France

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